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Three Kittens



Congratulations on your new kitten!

Preventive health care is important to keep your kitten healthy.  Our Wellness Program covers the care your kitten will need in its' first year including a comprehensive wellness exam, vaccinations, lab tests and spay or neuter surgery. Wellness Plan services are discounted 10% off regular prices.


Comprehensive Wellness Physical Exam

FVRCP Vaccination - Series of Two

Rabies Vaccination                   

Feline Leukemia Vaccination - Series of two

Intestinal Parasite Screen - Series of two

Feline Leukemia and Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Test

Feline Heartworm Test

Nutrition, Dental, Behavior and Parasite Control Counseling


Additional discounted care your pet may need:

· Any additional vaccinations - 10% discount

· Spay - $15 discount, Neuter - $10 discount



Our Kitten Wellness & Spay/Neuter Plan includes all of the services in our Kitten Wellness Program plus a spay or neuter surgery.

Our Wellness Program with a spay/neuter surgery includes:

· Comprehensive physical exam

· Pre-anesthetic blood screen

· IV catheter and fluids

· Anesthesia / Anesthetic monitoring

· Spay / Neuter

· Pain medication

· Hospitalization

· Nail trim


Other health care recommendations for your kitten:

Parasite Prevention                    Roundworm, hookworm monthly and tapeworm every 3-4 months

Flea and Tick Prevention            Monthly

Heartworm Prevention               Monthly

Microchip                                    To get your pet safely home if it is lost

Professional Grooming               Regularly.  EFVH has a professional dog and cat groomer

Pet Health Insurance                 EFVH recommends Pets Best and Trupanion Pet Insurance

Health Care Financing                Care Credit helps finance your pet's health care and unexpected emergencies.