EFVH Pharmacy                                       

Eagle Fern Veterinary Hospital has a full service pharmacy.  If we do not carry a product, you can order it on our online store, we can order it for you or call it in to a pharmacy.  Also, we can have various medications compounded to give in a liquid or tasty formula for your pet.


In addition to prescription medications, we carry:


  • Quality Toys, Grooming and Behavior Products
  • Leashes, Collars
  • Dental Health Care Products and Chews
  • Quality Food, Treats, Vitamins, Milk Replacers
  • Arthritis and Pain Medications
  • Shampoos, Creme Rinses, De-Shedding Products
  • Parasite Treatment and Prevention Medication
  • Heartworm Prevention Medication
  • Flea, Tick and Mosquito Prevention Medication