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Our Groomer

Kim is a wonderful groomer for all breeds of dogs and cats!  She feels her responsibility as a professional groomer is to provide quality pet grooming so your pet stays happy and healthy while looking its' best.  She gently handles the pets to help them remain at ease and have a positive experience while at the "spa".  The best part of a groom is the reunion of the happy pet with its owner!


In addition to professional grooms, Kim is available for nail trims.  It is a great way to keep your dog and cat's nails trimmed regularly so they do not get overgrown.


Kim likes working at EFVH because of the helpful staff and the clients that take good care of their pets.  If she discovers a medical concern with your pet while grooming it she can relay it to the doctor.  We will contact you and can have the problem taken care of while your pet is here for a groom.  If your pet is not comfortable with grooming we can also administer a light sedation.



Your Pet's Groom

Kim grooms both dogs and cats. She will spend time with you to find out what type of groom you want. Please let her know if your pet has any special requirements or health or behavioral issues. It is best if your pet has gone to the bathroom prior to bring it in for grooming.


First, your pet will be prepared for its' bath. Kim begins by trimming nails, cleaning ears, and brushing and clipping. During bath time she will use whatever specialty shampoo is appropriate for your pet and its' skin and hair. Anal glands will be expressed during bath time if possible. There is a drying process which varies on your pet. After the pet is dried, finishing touches begin. The time Kim spends on each pet is a reflection of the quality grooming and care your pet receives without hurrying the grooming process.