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Vaccinations and preventive care for your pet is a medical decision and a medical procedure that should be individualized based on the risk and lifestyle of the individual animal. We want to help you make the right decision for your pet. 

We follow the vaccination guidelines developed for dogs by the American Animal Hospital Association , vaccination guidelines for cats developed by the American Association of Feline Practitioners, heartworm prevention guidelines developed by the American Heartworm Society and the parasite prevention guidelines developed by the Companion Animal Parasite Council and health/dental care guidelines developed by AAHA. 

By answering the following questions we can develop an individualized health care program to protect your pet.
All dogs should receive the recommended core vaccinations regardless of lifestyle: 
¨ 1. DHP/Parvo (Distemper, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Parvo)
¨ 2.  Rabies
Non-core vaccinations are given based on risk and lifestyle:
                ¨ 1. Bordetella + Parainfluenza (Kennel Cough)
                                -Dog ever boarded in a kennel, groomed or attends obedience class
 or dog shows?                                                                                                            ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Regularly allowed outdoors?                                                                            ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Dog has regular exposure to other dogs with unknown health status?        ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Dog is on a first-name basis with animal control officers?                            ¨Y   ¨N
                ¨ 2. Leptospirosis
                                -Dog goes outside and is not constrained to a yard or gated kennel?         ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Dog lives in a rural area?                                                                                  ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Dog has opportunities for unsupervised outdoor activity?                            ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Dog has exposure to waterways?                                                                    ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Dog is used for hunting or other extended outdoor activity?                         ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Dog has access to areas inhabited by "reservoir" hosts ie. opossum,
                                 skunk, raccoon, cattle, or pigs?                                                                        ¨Y   ¨N              
                ¨ 3. Lyme
                                -Dog will travel to known endemic areas (Northeastern US or upper
                                 Midwest) and will spend time outside?                                                           ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Dog lives or travels into an area heavy with ticks?                                        ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Dog is treated monthly with a topical flea/tick preventive?                           ¨Y   ¨N
Other preventive health care recommendations:
                ¨ 1. Heartworm Prevention
                                -Has been tested for heartworm within the past year?                                  ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Is exposed to mosquitoes (which transmit heartworm)?                              ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Is on year round heartworm preventive?                                                        ¨Y   ¨N
                ¨ 2. Parasite Prevention
                                -Receives monthly deworming medication?                                                   ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Receives monthly topical flea and tick medication?                                     ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Has been tested for intestinal parasites within the past year?                    ¨Y   ¨N
                ¨ 3. Laboratory Evaluation
                                -Has had preventive health screen in the last year for dogs <7 years
 of age or in the last 6 months for dogs > 7 years of age?                                    ¨Y   ¨N
-If on long term medications, has had therapeutic monitoring of blood
 levels and/or organ systems in the last 6 months to one year?                           ¨Y   ¨N
-If older than 7 years, had blood pressure checked?                                            ¨Y   ¨N
                ¨ 4. Dental Care
                                -Has had teeth professionally cleaned and evaluated in the last year?       ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Has teeth brushed daily?                                                                                 ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Gets chew toys or rawhides?                                                                          ¨Y   ¨N
                                -Gets a dental care diet?                                                                                  ¨Y   ¨N
                ¨ 5. Is your dog spayed or neutered?                                                                               ¨Y   ¨N