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 A multitude of high-quality formulated diets are available for your animal companions.  You can find a link to the product lines that we recommend and carry by looking at our products page.  

Obesity is a problem in our animals as it is in people.  It is always the case of too many calories in the form of overfeeding or treats and too little exercise.  For those dogs there is extra help with the medication, Slentrol that helps decrease appetite and fat absorption.

If you happen to have one of those "picky eaters" or wish to formulate a homemade diet for your pet please be sure to follow a balanced recipe.  The links below will aid in the formulation of a homemade diet or give general nutrition information.  It is also an excellent idea to follow-up with your veterinarian anytime a homemade diet is used to ensure that adequate nutrition is getting into your pet.  

We do not recommend feeding your pet the raw or BARF diet.  Research has found that animals fed these diets will shed Salmonella or E. coli bacteria.  These types of bacteria can affect you and your family as well as your pets causing serious illness or death.

The bottom of the page has a fun bit of information regarding relative proportions of human snacks and how they "measure-up" to your pet's snacking.

Nutrition Resources:
Nutrition support service of UC Davis, for calculations of calorie requirements of formulated dog and cat foods:   http://www.vet.ohio-state.edu/nssvet.htm

Diets formulated by certified veterinary nutritionists/consult service:   www.petDIETS.com

Book entitled "Home-Prepared Dog & Cat Diets, The Healthful Alternative" by Donald R. Strombeck, DVM, PhD:   http://www.amazon.com, perform a search for the book title

Treat Translator:  Even a Little Goes a Long Way

Do not feed table scraps to your pet - especially when your pet is trying to lose weight. Take a look at these unhealthy snacks and what it would mean in human terms.