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Welcome to
Eagle Fern Veterinary Hospital's Tour.

During your tour you will find the many services and capabilities that we offer to you for your

pet's health care needs.

Eagle Fern Veterinary Hospital

We offer personal tours to our clients, service clubs, schools and scout groups, as well as provide educational materials about veterinary medicine and pet health care.  Our veterinarians are available for presentations at schools or organizations.  To make arrangements, please call (503) 630-3538 or click to contact Client Services.


 School Tours

Kids at SchoolKids at School

 Our staff looks forward to the hospital tours and career talks we give each year to the students of Estacada and Eagle Creek schools during National Pet Health Month

Reception Area

Reception Area You and your pet will be greeted by our client services staff in our warm and friendly reception area.  After checking in, you will be escorted to one of our  four exam rooms.

 The reception area features:

  • Case of the Month - Medicine
  • Hospitality area with fresh coffee and tea
  • Retail area with quality food, vitamins, dental care products,  pet carriers, shampoos, leashes, collars, treats and fun toys
  • Walk-on scale for pets
  • Aquarium to fascinate our clinic cat or young children
  • Portraits of the staff with their pets


Exam Rooms

Exam Room We have four exams rooms where your pet's specific problems can be diagnosed and discussed.  In addition to physical exams, this area is also used for minor treatments, boarding and grooming check-ins and giving medication.

 One of our dedicated exam room technicians will obtain your pet's weight and medical history.  If a laboratory sample is needed for your pet's appointment, like a blood, urine or stool sample, it will be collected at that time by our technician.  The doctor will then join the technician to perform a complete physical examination and talk with you about their findings and recommendations.  If any prescriptions are necessary, they will be prepared at our pharmacy and you can be shown how to medicate your animal.  You and your pet will then be escorted to the discharge area to complete paperwork.

To schedule a doctor's examination for your pet, either call 503-630-3538 or click here.



Our pharmacy dispenses most of all the medications your pet may need including prescription medication, flea, tick and heartworm preventive medication, shampoos and conditioners, joint  supplements and prescription diets.

Treatment Room

Treatment Room 

The treatment room is the busiest part of the hospital.  Your pet will come here if it needs special care and treatment.

Treatment Room

Treatment room features:
  • Charting area
  • ICU cart ready for any emergency
  • Intensive care unit to continuously observe our critical patients
  • Endoscope with a small camera to view and/or biopsy the trachea, esophagus, stomach, intestines and colon
  • Two "sink" treatment tables, complete with water and drains, to perform procedures or minor operations

Dental Care Area

Dental Care Area The dental care area is where your pet will be anesthetized for it's annual teeth cleaning.  After cleaning, your pet's teeth will be x-rayed.  Any additional procedures will be performed then the teeth are polished and flouride and OraVet barrier gel are applied.

Dog Getting Dental Care

Dental area features:
  • "Sink" table
  • Special dental equipment including ultrasonic scaler, polisher, drill, air and water dispenser and hand tools
  • Dental x-ray machine and developer
To schedule a dental examination and cleaning for your pet, either call 503-630-3538 or click here.

Laboratory Area

Laboratory Area
In our laboratory area  we analyze blood,  urine,  fecal matter, tissue needle biopsies and perform  tests such as heartworm,  feline leukemia / FIV, and Parvo virus.  We can run blood tests in less than 20 minutes for our pre-anesthesia screens or in an emergency.  We also use an outside lab for additional testing or cultures.
Laboratory features:
  • I-Stat Electrolyte machine
  • Blood chemistry analyzer
  • Microscopes
  • EKG machine and access to board certified cardiologists via telemedicine
  • Blood pressure machine
  • Eye pressure tonometer
  • Centrifuges to spin down blood, urine and fecal samples

Surgery Suite

 Surgery Suite

Surgery Suite

The surgery suite includes a prep area for the patient and the  surgeon and a separate  surgery room.   The surgery  room is kept  disinfected -- no one  is allowed in the area without a cap or  mask to minimize contamination and the risk of infection during surgery.  During surgery, a surgical technician is always present to monitor the patient.

Surgery Suite features:

  • Surgeon prep area with 'hands-free' sink and soap dispenser
  • Patient prep area with monitoring and anesthetic equipment
  • Two adjustable surgery tables with circulating hot water blankets to keep the patient warm
  • Monitoring equipment to observe EKG, tissue oxygen levels, blood pressure, and body temperature
  • Special equipment including electrocautery, suction, x-ray viewer, intravenous fluid pumps and anesthetic machines
  • Steam and gas sterilizing machines
  • Special "pass-through" window for surgical packs
  • Observation window for viewing surgery
  • Surgeries we perform include spays, neuters, fracture repair, cruciate injury repair, abdominal and thoracic surgery, growth removals, wound repair and more
To schedule a surgery for your pet, either call 503-630-3538 or click here.

Radiology Room

Radiology Room

Radiology Room

The radiology room is where we take x-rays, develop x-rays with an automatic processor and view the x-rays in a dark room.  

Ultrasounds may be performed by the veterinary radiologist  in our treatment area. 

We perform ultrasounds, ultrasound guided biopsies and cystocentesis urine samples.

 Radiology room features:

  • Adjustable x-ray machine
  • Darkroom with an automatic processor
  • X-ray viewers and "hot" light for detail viewing
  • Digitizing machine to convert x-rays into digital images which then can be transmitted to a board certified radiologist or other specialist for consultation.
  • Ultrasound machine for ultrasound examinations, and ultrasound guided biopsies and cystocentesis urine samples

 Kennel Area

Dog Area

    Dog Area  Two Dogs  Small Dog  Kennel

 The dog kennel area has two separate rooms.  One with large kennels with glass doors and raised beds and the other with smaller kennels for our smaller patients.  This is where your pet will be hospitalized or boarded.

Cat Area


Cat on Cat Tower


Cat Resting


cat in Kennel


Cat Area

The cat area is exclusive to cats away from noisy dogs.  We have "kitty condos" with perching shelves and wall openings to access the adjacent condo if needed.

Exercise Area
Exercise Area The dog outdoor exercise area is fenced in.  The healthy dogs in our care play three times a day under the supervision of our Pet Care Technicians.

To schedule boarding for your pet, either call 503-630-3538 or click here.

Grooming Area
The grooming area is where your pet will be pampered!  Our professional groomer will give your dog or cat a new look with a bath, brush, clip and bandanas or bows.

 Dog Being Groomed

Grooming Area

Dog on Grooming Table


Dog on Grooming Table

Dog Being Groomed


Dog Facing Forward

Black Dog

To schedule a grooming appointment for your pet, either call 503-630-3538 or click here.

Isolation Room
Isolation Room The isolation room is where we hospitalize possibly infectious patients such as those that have respiratory disease or parvo virus infection.  There is a separate entrance so these sick patients will not come in contact with our well patients.
Isolation room features:
    • Large kennels
    • Separate floor sink
    • Procedure table to perform examinations and procedures
    • Special foot bath and gowns to decrease the likelihood of spreading infection to the rest of the hospital.